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Early in December 2016 we again presented The Nativity to 8 local schools at our local Deen City Farm.

We dress some of the children up as the Christmas characters they then form a growing tableau as we tell the story of the first Christmas and sing carols. This all happened in the barn, complete with a lamb and a sheep.

Support Deen City Farm so that they may continue to be an oasis in a built up area.

“Thomas” being questioned by a “barrister” The New Testament Bible Times Experience happened first during some of October and November 2012 for Year 4 pupils

An interactive experience on the lines of the fairly recent Bible 66 Experience, but relating to the New Testament.

Last year we finished our second Bible 66 Experience with local schools, this time in Bermondsey View a precis of the “experience” on  We have shown a film without children so as to protect their identities William Tyndale Children have been learning about the Bible in many ways, including storytelling in a “Bedouin tent”, and trying out a printing press as well as “meeting” William Tyndale

Year 6 classes from a local school have been to our centre and learnt about Narnia and C.S. Lewis with the theme, Religion and Literature.

More photos will appear here in due course

Some of the staff and volunteers involved with presenting the New Testament Bible Experience